What can one person do to make a difference?

I have been uncomfortable with my own response to this question.  Whenever I read about the health of our planet and how humans are responsible for rise in temperatures, deforestation of the Amazon, pollution of the oceans and lakes, I tend to shrink away from any action.   Every daily task I do adds to the damage…the water I drain down the sink, the spoiled food I throw away, the products I bought that I no longer want, or use go to landfill, the gas I use when I go to work or play. 

But if I do nothing, nor change my behaviour, then I am responding as a victim of my own thinking.  This unsettled voice in my mind has arisen to guide my actions and decisions. 

When we started Fawn and Doe Baby Co our small team decided we wanted to: Run our company with awareness of our physical impact on the earth; be responsible for the choices we make; and take action where we could.  After two years in business, and many lessons learned, we are proud to say that we are making a difference.

  1. We source products that we know parents need. Our store is a place to buy good quality essential baby care items.  
  2. We source products locally. Not all of the products we first brought into the store were made in North America, but we continue to find new manufacturers in North America, and our most popular products are made in Canada. 
  3. Our shipping practices. We are very aware that we use a lot of packaging, receiving bulk shipments from suppliers then repackage to ship to customers.  There are two things we have done to lessen the impact:
    1. We use corrugate boxes which are made exclusively from recycled materials and compostable.  We purchase from an Ontario factory, also family owned. 
    2. We designed 12 bundles of thoughtfully curated products to meet the needs of infants by age and growth stage. This way, rather than packaging one product, our bundles range from 5 – 13 products.  It is more economical for our customer and a lot less packaging. https://www.fawnanddoebabyco.com/collections/baby-bundles
  4. We read labels carefully. Cheaper products contain more chemical-based ingredients rather than those that come from natural or plant-based sources.  The cost may seem higher, but the skin care products are safer and gentler for babies and the clothing and accessories last longer, wash well and look better over time.

As we grow, we will find more ways to be environmentally aware and sustainable.  As a company of women, we want to be leaders for the sake of our childrens’ future.  Feel Good Parenthood!

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