Celebrate Dad's Connection

It’s true that women grow and carry a fetus for 9 months and for many months afterwards, the physical connection is life sustaining and intimate. Fathers can only stand aside and help Mom.

It used to be that mothers did most of the care taking for the first several years of baby’s life. Today, Fathers are expected to, and they keenly take on daily care, changing diapers, bathing, dressing, and storytelling to their baby.

Yet the contribution to a child’s livelihood is in the intimate act of feeding. Sadly, for Dads when your baby is being breastfed, you can only watch at a distance. The Fathers that I know express a sense of disconnect, feelings of inadequacy and even sadness in the early months of their baby’s life. Bonding and attachment grow naturally and easily when you hold your baby in your arms, sooth them and provide nourishment. But as your baby grows and can sit up on their own and eat from a spoon, the opportunity to feed your baby is yours. And is welcomed by Mom, too.

As I scanned what is trending as gifts for Father’s Day, it struck me that the theme is on things that take Dad away from being with their child. A few gift ideas I found: ‘Five Star Dad’ ammo collection, tickets to race a Lamborghini, membership to ‘Beer of the Month Club,’ and a variety of apparel and collectables.

At Fawn and Doe Baby Co we honour Dads as much as Moms. We celebrate all that dad’s do to care for, love and support their children. For Father’s Day, we suggest that you give gifts that bring Dad closer to their children, not take them away. We have many ideas that support Dad to be intimately involved in caring for baby this Father's Day.

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