Feel Good Parent Hood!

How many gifts did you get at your baby shower that were adorable, but you rarely if ever used?  If you were like me, there were lots of things that didn’t even make it out of the wrapper!  

When we were planning how Fawn and Doe Baby Co would be different than other baby stores, providing essential, well-made products were at the top of the list.  There is a lot of marketing devoted to cutesy baby clothes.  It is oh so tempting to buy these things for your own baby or give as gifts.  Yet, these things just pile up in your closet and eventfully they get re-gifted at best are stuffed into garbage bags for recycling.

Everything in our store is sourced using sustainability criteria.  It must be produced and packaged with eco-friendly materials and be sourced in North America, preferably Canada. We curate products that are essential for parents and caregivers when caring for a newborn and raising a toddler.  We test products for their durability and lifespan. 

Our Keababies Explorer Diaper Bag fits our values and criteria perfectly. 

  1. Sturdy: It is well made and stays looking good after daily use on short and extended outings. 
  2. Multifunctional: Long after your baby is out of diapers, you can easily keep using this bag, because it does not look like a typical diaper bag.  You will be using on hikes, or to the grocery store, without people expecting to see a baby in tow.
  3. Style appropriate: It will suit Mom, Dad, Grandparents, even your child’s single Uncle, who can carry it with ease and confidence.
  4. Well-designed: There are so many thoughtful features, too many to list there.  Check out the full description on the website.

If your values for this earth and parenting align with ours join our Mom Tribe and when you need something for you, your newborn or toddler, shop at Fawn and Doe Baby Co.

Our company was created with healthy, happy babies and their futures in mind.

Feel Good, Parent Hood!

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