Holiday Baby Gift Guide for Grandparents

If you're a grandparent wondering what the perfect present this holiday season would be for your grandbaby, we've got you covered!

Our very own in-house team member Diane, grandma to our founder & CEO Maidie's little one Delaney, is sharing her holiday gift guide to getting practical yet exciting gifts for your young grandchildren.

Here's her story:

"I admire people who know how to pick the perfect gift. A gift that suits the person, evidenced by the squeals of pleasure when they unwrap it. 

So many of these 'wonder shoppers', as I like to call them, seem to have perfect gift ideas effortlessly and spontaneously as if their intuition spoke audibly at the moment they asked themselves what to give as a gift.

That is not me!

I get lost in the sheer volume of possibilities… weighing and questioning whether they’ll like my gift or even actually use it, and I think about how many times that outfit will be worn, if at all. After that endless thought loop runs in my brain, I am anxious, indecisive, and I’ve wasted a lot of time putting things into the cart and then taking them out.

That’s usually when my grandmother pops into my mind.

My grandmother had a simple, practical gift giving strategy. She had seven children who each married and had children. At Christmas, she gave each family a set of sheets. Although she did buy age appropriate and personalized gifts for the grandchildren, she made it easy for herself to select a much-appreciated gift for the adults. 

From a kid’s perspective, I thought that was dull. I don’t even think she wrapped them, as everyone knew what to expect - but when I think about this now, I can see that everyone getting the same useful gift was a great solution. 

Good quality sheets are expensive, but they aren’t exactly glamorous when you receive them… until you use them and you get to snuggle into those nice, soft covers!

My grandmother taught me that you can’t go wrong when you buy a high value, high quality item that will be used repeatedly. Even if the gift doesn’t create the biggest reaction, you will be thought of every time the item is used!

This opens up so many possibilities when it comes to shopping for new parents. Unfortunately, when I was shopping for my soon-to-be-born granddaughter, my super prepared, organized daughter already had all of that and more before she was due. 

So, I moved on to the gift basket concept. In a gift basket, you can combine a few essential items, such as diaper cream and lotions along with a sleeper and blankets.   The possibilities are endless, and the essentials will be much appreciated by the new parents.

Not only did I make this choice for my own daughter, but I also brought the concept to the Fawn and Doe Baby Co. collection, keeping in mind the same principles that I learned from my grandmother:

  • Items that mom needs for herself and her baby
  • High quality fabrics and ingredients
  • ...and attractively packaged…because I still want the new mom to be pleased when she opens the box!"

Diane's best gift suggestions:

What to Buy for Brand New Parents:

If you want to guarantee a gasp of appreciation for brand new parents, I suggest gifting the Newborn Baby Bundle! It has 12 essential newborn items assembled in this beautiful box.  

What to Buy for Parents of Babies 6 Months and Older

If the new little one of the family is a bit bigger, then a gift bundle that preempts the next growth spurt will be appreciated!

(coming soon... this not-yet-released bundle will be available Friday, November 12th!)

What to Buy for Babies at Any Age

If you really want to copy my grandmother’s gift idea, you can also get these adorable, good quality new crib sheets for the little one you’re shopping for! 


What are your best gift suggestions for grandparents of younger babies?

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