Best Baby Halloween Costumes for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up, and we have some amazing, practical kids' costume ideas to share with you!

Lots of single-use Halloween costumes are made with chemicals that you can't recycle and may be harmful to your little ones. DIY Halloween costumes are easy on the wallet, use things that you probably already have around the house, and are also way more practical.

To make it super easy for you, our little family team of moms has put together a couple of sustainable, low waste costume ideas that you can either steal from us for your little one or share with others to give them inspiration.

Grab our ideas below!

1. DIY Cheetah Costume

We stole this one from Jan & Jul - one of our favourite mom & tot outdoor wear brands by local Vancouver moms! (check out their awesome stuff HERE!)

Charlotte, from Yukon, CA, created a super easy and super adorable cheetah costume for her little one Etta using Jan and Jul's Yellow Play Suit (which is SUPER warm, too - no need for outdoor wear over this costume)!

She added ears to an old headband using black electrical tape, cardboard, and yellow and black felt (you could always find cat ears at the store, too.) Then, she cut black foam pieces into cheetah print shapes and stuck them onto the play suit using double-sided tape. 

Next, she created a cat nose and whiskers on Etta's face using face paint! Totally simple - yet totally practical and low waste. 

2. DIY Firefighter Costume

We stole this one from Jan + Jul, too (we couldn't help it, they just have so many great ideas)!

Ashlie from Alberta created a DIY Firefighter costume with the Jan + Jul Bib Pants, a colour-coordinating long sleeve sweater, rain boots, and a fire hat - and we're in love!

Since fall comes with snow and below-zero temperatures in most of Canada around the end of October, most costumes get hidden underneath a coat and only get used once. Using the Jan and Jul bib pants is perfect, because your little ones can wear them through the winter, and they'll need rain boots for springtime anyways.

Practical, simple, and sustainable - we love it!

3. 5-Minute S'mores Baby Costume

All you need for this adorable baby costume is cardboard, a white onesie (this minimalist sleeper would be perfect), some dark brown cloth, and some velcro to piece it all together! 

Get the full instructions HERE! And if you decide to use any of these ideas, we'd love to see your pictures!

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