Holiday Baby Gift Guide (for family and friends!)

Do you have friends/family members that might be looking for a couple of gift ideas for you and your little ones (or another parent with a baby/toddler) this holiday season?

Our team member Danie, both a single mom and now an auntie, made a gift guide for friends and family members that might not know what to get new parents for the holidays! 

Read on for her own story and her best gifting tips and tricks!

"I was a single mom as I raised my son, but that doesn’t mean I did it all by myself. I sure had a ton of help from family and friends. It’s tough having babies even when you are a 2 parent family, so the old adage is true... it does take a village.  

When I was that young single mom operating on a very tight budget, some of our fondest memories came from receiving care packages from my sister, affectionately called “Auntie Shell” (short for Michelle, but my little son couldn’t say it quite right, thus the cute abbreviation.)

We would go to the post office and pick up the big box and the whole ride home, my son and I would be excited to open the box. Once at home, the box barely made it out of the entrance before my little guy would try to rip off the packing tape. I loved watching my thrilled little son pull out each item with his huge brown eyes calling out each gift.  “SOCKS! I LOVE SOCKS! A COAT! I LOVE THIS COAT! …BOOTS! I LOVE BOOTS!”

As he joyfully emptied the box, I would want to well up with tears of appreciation as these items were not just things my kid needed as they grow so quickly - they were also higher end good quality items, not items I could afford at the time.

These gifts/care packages always seemed to come at the best times, when we really needed them. My son and I still remember some of these heartwarming memories from many moons ago and are so thankful for the kindness and generosity of our amazing friends and family.

Now, I’m the Auntie and it's my turn to spoil my little niece. When I go to buy gifts, I take a lesson from Auntie Shell and I look for the best quality items I can find. 

I look for outerwear that might be a financial stretch for a new family but something Canadian made and designed, higher end, yet socially responsible that they are sure to appreciate. If there was ever a time where a new family is feeling the pinch, it's probably this year. This pandemic has taken its toll on families, and there is no better time than right now to spoil the littles ones you love and their parents!

Here is Auntie Danie’s Gift Guide for Family and Friends that new parents will actually love!

My favourite baby/ toddler gifts:

1. All Jan and Jul outerwear at Fawn and Doe Baby Co.!

Seriously, I love this brand.  The quality is amazing, with so many smart features to keep your littles ones warm and happy through the winter.

I honestly feel these are the best baby/kids coats and snow pants/suits on the market right now, with the cozy fleece linings and the waterproof shells. These may not be items many parents would splurge on themselves but I guarantee they will go crazy over them as soon as they get them on their kids. No more lost boots, no more screaming kids because they got snow on their wrists or up their sleeves. An end to outside play tantrums - only happy kids, making snow angels!

But just because I love higher end products, doesn’t mean I want to pay full price, that's why I love:

2. Anything from the Baby Essentials Bundle Collections from Fawn and Doe Baby Co.!

Baby Essentials Bundles range by age of the baby: 0-3mths, 3-6mths, 6-9mths up to  9-12mths. All the guesswork is gone and it's all done for you!

Just choose the box based on the baby's age and voila - you get so many amazing high end, name brand products for the baby as well as a little something for the mama. These boxes are curated by our team of moms and grandmothers, so you can trust that all of these products are going to be loved by the new mom! Plus, they come with so many full sized products - this is truly a “WOW” factor gift and is certain to give you the “Favourite Auntie status!

Next, I love:

#3: Sleep Safe and Sound Gift Bundle from Fawn & Doe Baby Co. 

As a new mom, I remember how elusive sleep can be. This bundle helps not only the little one have a great sleep, it will also help your poor sleep deprived new parent relatives get some zzz’s as well. I am sure they will thank you for it and crown you their sleep hero! Imagine being a hero and you didn’t even have to be bitten by a spider.

Fourthly, I am a foodie at heart and I want to ensure my little nieces and nephews are future foodies too.  That's why I love:

#4: Meal Time Bundle from Fawn & Doe Baby Co.

Early childhood experts say that self feeding produces less fussy eaters.   I picture the whole family gathered around a beautifully decorated table, the smell of roasted garlic mashed potatoes, gravy and hot rolls in the air and my wee niece self feeding from a ergonomically shaped spoon to fit her little toddler sized hand and eating out of an adorable sustainably sourced bamboo bowl (both dishwasher safe as well as biodegradable - check them out HERE) and everyone asking the parents where they found these amazing baby utensils and they say, “from Auntie (insert your name here)!”

You are a little embarrassed by the attention, but you’ll take it! #auntiesarethebestgiftgivers #auntievibes

And if that weren’t enough, I love that these Items ship free! Fawn and Doe Baby Co. offers free shipping on all orders over $60!"

What's your favourite gift that you've received as a new parent?

Comment below and share Danie's gift guide with your friends to help them out with some gift ideas!

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