That Moment My Entire Birth Plan Changed

I am a planning person… Like, seriously. 

I hate not being prepared, so naturally I planned everything about my delivery right down to the length of time it took to drive to the hospital. 

I had folders…so many folders of information ranging from Pregnancy, Labour and Delivery, Pain Management, Breastfeeding, Newborn care …etc etc. I researched for DAYS determining what I needed in my hospital bag. I watched countless youtube videos and followed IG moms for months. 

I ended up packing WAY more than I actually needed. 

Everyone has a different story and experience from the next mom, but for me, packing that book was laughable! As if I had time or capacity to actually read a book during labour…like what was I thinking?! 

And naturally, I wanted to look “cute” while pushing a watermelon out of my uterus, so I spent nearly 100 bucks on a “birthing outfit”. This was the dumbest thing ever, since it turned out that I was naked for a full 48 hours!

I am also really big on family. 

I had planned to have my wonderful mother join my husband and I in the delivery room. She has always been a huge support in my life and it seemed natural to invite her into this special experience. 

My husband’s parents had also rented an Air BnB in our town for a full month in order to be close to us and the new baby. 

Plans were coming together, I was happy with how I had planned for the future birth of my child. I had supports in place and lots of people who offered their help. We were set!

Then COVID-19 hit...

What did this mean for us? For our unborn baby? For our family? And what about my grand master birth plan that I had spent months preparing? 

The plan changed…as you may have guessed. 

I was thrown through the wringer when COVID hit. It was such an emotional roller-coaster! 

We were told that my mom couldn’t be in the delivery room, and not even in the hospital for the birth. I was devastated. I had such a hard time dealing, I cried and cried… and Mike, my husband, didn’t know what to do. 

We were also told that it would be a bad idea to have visits with family when the baby was born. It was gut wrenching to have to tell my parents and Mike's parents that they weren’t gonna be able to see, touch or hold their only grandchild. 

Just. The. Worst. 

I know this sounds like such a sad story, and it's not unique either. So many women had a similar experience with COVID, and we are still dealing with the new normal. 

But, there are silver linings to my story. My husband and I got to experience the birth in a whole new way that I never expected. It was an intimate experience which ultimately brought my husband and I closer together. 

Having all the supplies that we needed for Delaney, come right to my doorstep made navigating the first few weeks SO much easier, especially with the ongoing pandemic. Check out our Newborn Essentials Subscription Box, this will literally save you so much time and fuss when preparing your nursery for the basics.  

And for the first month of my daughter’s life, it was just the three of us, getting to know each other and love each other deeply. It was a tough slog doing it without my “village”, but like anything, we can’t change the past, and when I look at my daughter’s little squishy face...I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I would love to hear from you, the Fawn and Doe community! What were your experiences, how did you cope / how are you still coping? What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve faced so far in your parenting journey? 

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