How and Why Fawn and Doe Baby Co. Came to be


I could not be more excited that you’re here with me - thank you so much for checking out our community of new parents!

I absolutely love connecting with other new parents that have the same issues as me… like sleeping. Seriously. I was NOT prepared for the realization of how much sleep deprivation can affect a human being. (Pouring coffee into your Cheerios is a real thing.)

Anyways, I’ll go ahead and introduce myself! My name is Maidie, and my husband Mike and I had our first baby girl, Delaney, about 11 months ago. 

Fawn and Doe Baby Co. Owner and her family

I remember being SO overwhelmed even just thinking about all the stuff I would need for parenthood before she even came along. The struggle is REAL!

I also found it really hard to find affordable baby products that I knew were safe for my baby. I could never find a one stop shop for supplies that I felt good about buying and that were not ridiculously priced.

I’d had the idea to start a baby store for a while, and after not finding what I was looking for, I decided to create the baby store that I wish I would have had available to me… and so, Fawn and Doe Baby Co. was born (pun intended)! 

It seriously makes me SO happy to help new parents figure it out and get what they need while feeling good about the products they’re buying for their new little ones. Have a look around, do some window shopping, and press that "Chat with US" button if you have anyyy questions. 

Love Maidie 

PS. You're doing great! 

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