3 BIG myths they tell you before becoming a new mom

I’m spilling the tea about some of the stuff THEY tell you about becoming a new parent. It’s time to curl up with your favorite blanket  and a steaming cup of deliciousness, ‘cause it’s about to get REAL!

Myth #1: “All mothers automatically “love” their babies right after giving birth.”

This one is super close to home for me. Any relationship is a process and each mother and baby is different. Some mothers may fall in love with their babies during pregnancy, some at birth, and others may take several weeks or months. All of these experiences are normal! I promise. 

So if you’re one of the latter, don’t compare yourself to the mom on Instagram posting #blessed or #soinlove every 10 seconds, trust me mama, your time will come.

 Mother and Newborn Baby


Myth #2: “Breastfeeding is easy and will come naturally.” 

This one is a biggie! Lots of people still tell pregnant or new moms about how “natural” and “amazing” breastfeeding can be ...which can be true! BUT -  it’s rough going at the beginning - after all, both of you are learning a new skill and it takes time… and I mean TIME. 

It actually took about 2 months for me and Delaney. And if it doesn’t work out for you and your family, bottle feeding is just as wonderful! 

 Monkey Breastfeeding

Myth #3: “If you’re breastfeeding/pumping, the pounds will just ‘melt off’.” 

I was so happy to hear about this when I was pregnant… and I was severely disappointed when it didn’t come true. I’m 4.5 months postpartum, and I’m STILL waiting for the pounds to magically “melt off”. (*insert eye roll here*)

So there you have it! 3 big myths about parenthood that don’t always turn out to be true!

Myths aren’t the only challenge that parenthood throws at you, though… planning for your new little arrival is SUPER stressful and overwhelming.

You’ll never believe all the mistakes I made when we were planning for our little Delaney’s birth! 


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