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If you are like me, you get a little sad when the calendar flips to August.  Even though there is more than half of the summer ahead, I start to think about fall.  The days are getting a bit shorter, and the flowers and trees are looking a little tired of the heat.  But it does not mean that the time to enjoy summer activities are over.  In fact, it is the opposite. August also triggers me to slow down, reflect on what is important and breathe.  

  • If there are things you haven't done yet, do them! 
  • If there are places you wanted to go, go there!
  • If you haven't spent enough time at the beach or park, play there!

Your children are small for a short time.  And summer is an important time for creating memories of easy uncomplicated activities.  

If you have been busy with the business of living, stop!  Take notice of the blue sky, the birds singing, the sound of wind and waves.  Let the grass tickle your toes and watch the bumble bees visit the flowers.  Your little ones will notice and feel your peacefulness.

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