Homemade Sunblocks Cheap and Easy!

When I was a first time mom, over 30 years ago, I dove into making DIY cleaning products.  I was pleased with myself for creating a shower spray and general cleaner with Dawn soap and vinegar. We disinfect kitchen counters and cutting board surfaces with a bleach dilution and our carpet fresh is made with baking soda and cornmeal.  It pleases me not to have to buy expensive brand name products that work!  

Sunscreen is my current obsession.  I was not aware of the dangers of the sun 30 years ago, but I am now.  Danielle, Chief Product Whisperer for Fawn and Doe has researched the effects of some ingredients found in commercial sunscreens on skin and on plant life in the waters that we swim.  For the sake of the health of our bodies and our planet, this is something we all need to learn more about.

I was delighted to learn that a DIY sunblock is easy to make.  There are many recipes available online that I will eventually try, but the one I did this week was very easy.  Using a body and facial lotion I use daily, I added zinc oxide.  Zinc oxide reflects UV rays.  It is a physical sunblock compared to chemical sunscreens that absorb UV rays.  Chemical sunscreens are absorbed into the skin and have been found in the bloodstream hours later.  Physical sun blocks stay on the surface of the skin.  

I am NOT qualified to give expert advice, but I do encourage moms to do their own research before choosing products for themselves and their family.  Some ingredients in sunscreens are under scrutiny for their role in skin damage, reproductive consequences and damage to coral reefs and freshwater plant life.  

My experiment with 4 parts lotion to 1 part zinc oxide is a rub on lotion.  I did one with a body lotion and one with a face lotion.  I have yet to try a recipe that could work as a spray.  Sprays are easier to apply on small children.  That will be my next project!

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