Energy-Boosting Meals for Tired Moms

Have you been feeling super T-I-R-E-D as a brand new mom - or even a not-so-new one?  Sometimes it can feel like that tiredness is all you can feel - and we totally get it. You’ve been so focused on being the best mom you can be that you’re just plain exhausted.

We’ve got an easy solution that miiiiight not completely take away that tired feeling, but will definitely help your energy levels without too much work! 

We’ve put together a few energy-boosting recipes that take very little time to make but will go super far for helping your body get through those sleepless nights. They’re so easy that even the most kitchen-challenged partners can make them!

Recipe 1: 

TeachWorkoutLove has put together 6 delicious, easy smoothies that you can easily throw in a blender and bring along with you! Check out the smoothies here.

Recipe 2: 

Quick, easy, and full of protein, this avocado toast with eggs, spinach, and tomato will give you a great boost of energy that will keep your body going! 

Recipe 3:

Super easy, flavourful and comforting, this One-Pot Tomato, Pepper and Bean Bowl will nourish your body and your soul!

Now you’ve got 3 easy-peasy energy-boosting recipes to get you through the exhaustion! 

If you’re looking for even more ideas, Olive Magazine has listed 20 energy-boosting foods that you can eat solo or create your own recipes around at

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