Best Baby Shower Gifts for 2021

What are the best baby shower gifts you ask? Think practical: Products that can be used daily. Products that are safe, natural and comforting. And products that are ‘squeal’ worthy! Read on to learn more...

If you haven’t already googled “best baby shower gifts” go ahead and do it now…or let us save you the trouble!  All you will see is a lot of frilly, impractical gift items, such as lacy dresses and monogrammed ornaments. You may fall in love with these images and think “but they are so adorable” and believe that the new parents will squeal with delight when they open them. You might be right if that is what you are going for.  But you won’t get that kind of suggestion from me. 

One of the top reasons I joined, and support Fawn and Doe Baby Co is because the founders are committed to sustainable, useful, needed items to care for their babies.  What you will get from me are suggestions that fit our values: socially responsible, ethically sourced, sustainable products. 

Here are three guidelines that I use when shopping for baby shower gifts, with a couple of examples you can check out:

1. Products that are needed and used daily! Not those frilly princess dresses that might be worn once if at all.  If you don’t believe me, check out any second-hand clothing store.  You will see racks of dressy clothes and accessories that look brand new.  They are not soiled and most still have their original tags on them, because they were never used!  From day one until they are out of diapers, new parents need diaper creams, skin and hair lotions, swaddles and undershirts.  These are things that will be used and appreciated. Like these products;

2. Products that are safe, natural and comforting to use! These kinds of products may cost more than what you can by at a big box store, but you can be sure they were designed and produced in Canada or the US.  They have not been packaged and shipped around the world, wrapped in layers of plastic.  The products I love are sleep sacks and grow with me under shirts.  

Grow-With-Me Onesie

3. Practical and squeal worthy! Don’t get me wrong, I like beautiful things too!  When I am with my grandchild, I want her to look special, that she is cared for.  My favourite pick is the Baby Joe sleep sack, shopping cart covers, and car seat covers.

Baby Joe Sleep Sack

If I haven’t convinced you yet, I have one more suggestion that includes all of the above.  If you don’t feel satisfied given the “needed” items, you can give a collection of items that meet all of the above criteria.  And you can give a gift that will last a full year!  Check out the 4-part subscription box set that our founders have packed with items that are needed, practical, beautiful and safe.

Newborn Essentials Subscription Box Photo

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