Do’s and Don’ts for a Memorable Virtual Gender Reveal Party

Whether you are under Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, or your friends and family are long distance, that's no reason to forgo you and your baby’s first party.   My dear cousin and his wife are expecting and they live a province away but that didn't stop me from hosting a fun virtual “Gender Reveal” party.  I learned a few do’s and don'ts along the way.  Here are a few of my tips so you wont make some of the same mistakes I did.

DO: Send out cute themed electronic invites for the event so your peeps can add the date to their zoom calendar.  With more and more people planning work and social meetings via zoom,  many people are booked well ahead of time,  throw in various time zones...well lets just say it can be tricky to arrange a date and time- so be sure to give your invitees plenty of notice!

I did this one on evites, it was free and there was a field to incorporate an easily shareable link from zoom for the party.  You can send the evite over text or by email.


DO: Create a fun and festive backdrop with balloons and or a zoom filter.  I was able to order the balloons and have them delivered.

DO: Decide on the type of “reveal” option you would like to use.  Always a good idea to take into consideration the taste and hobbies of the parents so they will enjoy the reveal the most!  For instance if the new parents-to-be have a sweet tooth perhaps you’ll pick one of the cake options.  There are so many choices, here are 10 suggestions to get you started:

  1. Cake variations could be cake pops, donuts, filled cookies or cupcakes - filling can be pink or blue- It's easy to find a great bakery in any city - with all the reviews available online- and most establishments these days are offering curbside pick-up or delivery!
  1. Scratch off cards
  1. Sports themed: Hockey puck, golf ball, football, soccer ball or baseball - fill with pink or blue powder that will release once struck
  1. Box filled with helium filled pink or blue balloons
  1. Balloons filled with coloured confetti
  1. Ice Cream - pink or blue and then cover it with hard chocolate coating and have the parents crack it open on camera.
  1. A smoke cannon
  1. Water balloon fight- and the water in the balloon can be dyed for whichever gender. 
  1. Black light reveal:  Write the gender on a white board or bristal board with black light markers and once everyone is ready switch off the lights and turn on the black light to reveal!
  1. Egg Roulette Reveal:  boil 7 - 11 eggs but leave 1 raw.  Dye all the eggs half blue and half pink but leave the correct gender egg raw. And to be parents each take turns cracking the eggs on their heads until they get to the “raw” one.  

DO: Start your zoom session early. This gives family and friends extra time to catch up with each other before the big reveal. And put their gender guesses in the comment section.

DO: Pre-arrange to have someone onsite to video the reveal close up- and six feet apart.  Or you can have the parents-to-be, set up a good camera angle for capturing the moment, then post on social media or circulate to those unable to attend. 

DO:  As the host of the zoom meeting, you have the power to “Mute all” . Announce that you will be muting everyone for the benefit of all in attendance to enjoy the big moment.  Ask that no one un-mute themselves until after the reveal.  Mute all the participants so that during the reveal, everyone will be able to hear the reaction of the couple.

DO NOT Mute the Parents-to-be.  After you mute everyone- UN-Mute the Parents-to-be prior to the reveal and have them do a quick sound test to ensure everyone can hear and will enjoy the big moment!  - I unfortunately learned this one the hard way.  It's not fun to witness a gender reveal and not be able to actually hear the reaction.  :-(

DO:  Be ready with some background music-  Perhaps after the reveal you could be ready with either:

The Boys are back in Town -Thin Lizzy 

Beautiful Boy - John Lennon

Let's Hear it for the Boys - Deniece Williams

Run the World (Girls) - Beyonce 

Just a girl - No Doubt

Girls just want to have fun - Cyndi Lauper.

Do or Don’t:


You can find lots of options on pinterest.  However, I always hate shower and party games, I much prefer conversation and cocktails/mocktails.  If you want to encourage a shared experience with the guests and soon to be new parents, you can send out with the evite, a cocktail/mocktail recipe, you can all make for the occasion and celebrate with the same drink together once the reveal is completed.  

Here one suggestion that works as a mocktail or cocktail- just add a spirit (Vodka/Gin/Rum) or prosecco of your choice to this blueberry lemonade recipe:

Have Fun!  

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