Grow-With-Me Long Sleeve Onesie - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
On sale

Grow-With-Me Long Sleeve Onesie

$7.49 CAD $14.99 CAD
Burp Cloths - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
On sale

Burp Cloths

$22.50 CAD $29.99 CAD
Car Seat Canopy/Nursing Cover- Aqua - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
On sale
Baby Ring Sling & Wrap Carrier - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
On sale

Baby Ring Sling & Wrap Carrier

$49.99 CAD $69.99 CAD
Natural Cotton Swaddle - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.

Natural Cotton Swaddle

$28.99 CAD
Slouchy Hat- Crushed Berry - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.

Slouchy Hat- Crushed Berry

$14 CAD
Slouchie Hat- Granite Stone - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
Sold out

Slouchie Hat- Granite Stone

$14 CAD
Slouchie Hat- Spruce Forest - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
Sold out

Slouchie Hat- Spruce Forest

$14 CAD
Blanket -Crushed Berry - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
Sold out

Blanket -Crushed Berry

$25 CAD
Blanket -Granite Stone - Fawn & Doe Baby Co.
Sold out

Blanket -Granite Stone

$25 CAD
Stay Put Cozy Fleece Booties - Heather Grey
On sale

Stay Put Cozy Fleece Booties - Heather Grey

$20 CAD $34.99 CAD

Buying a gift and not sure what to buy? Browse our mom approved products below for inspiration!

We also offer a Gift Wrapping service (for smaller items) - your gifts will be hand wrapped in our luxury tissue paper and brown paper, tied with a bow, and finished with a personalized gift message of your choosing. Your gift can be delivered straight to their door. Just check the "This is Gift" option at checkout, and write your message in the field provided. 

New moms and moms to be deserve the best gifts for newborns, right? At Fawn & Doe Baby Co, we’ve put together a large collection of the best gifts for new moms so that you can help parents to be get everything that they need in order to be ready for this very important time in their lives.

What can you expect when you buy newborn gifts from Fawn & Doe Baby Co? What sorts of gifts will you find when you’re shopping with us? Here are some of the things that we work to provide with every newborn gift that is available here.


Every single gift that we have at Fawn & Doe Baby Co is meant to be practical. From organic nursing pads to baby spoons, we have a full selection of items that will be great gifts for new moms. And, on top of that, we’re always looking for more input from the community so that we can expand our selection and provide parents with the very best options for all of their baby needs.

These gifts help to make the parents’ lives easier – and the baby’s life more comfortable. What more could you want when you’re giving a gift to someone you love?


Sometimes, you just need to have a little bit of fun when you’re getting gifts for pregnant women. That’s why Fawn & Doe Baby Co has a number of unique gifts that parents and babies alike will enjoy. Does your little one need a set of shades or a nice bucket hat? We’ve got it. Maybe some clothes or swaddles with fun designs? We have those available in our gift sets as well.

We know that parents really enjoy fun little things for their babies, so we’ve made all our gifts with bright colors and fun designs so that they’ll enjoy using them day in and day out! We’re here to help make parenthood fun, and our gift selection reflects that directly.

High Quality

All of our products are ethically sourced and sustainable, so you know that you’re getting high quality gifts that they will love. We use all organic materials, as well, so you can feel good about every gift that you give from the Fawn & Doe Baby Co website. You won’t find gifts of this quality at any big box store or outlet, we guarantee it!

The companies that we purchase items from also adhere to the standards that our company has set. Many of these items are limited time only because the companies make small batches of them. So, not only are you getting high quality gifts, but you’re also getting unique gifts that only a handful of people may be able to obtain for a limited time.

Gift Cards

Not sure which new parents to be gifts should be on your list? Fawn & Doe Baby Co also offers gift cards. So, you can get them a gift card for almost any amount. Then, they can come to the Fawn & Doe Baby Co website and take a look at all of our products to see what it is that they want and need. Gift cards are always a great way to ensure that parents-to-be will be happy with their gifts.

When you get new parents to be gifts from Fawn & Doe Baby Co, you can feel confident that you’re getting something that is going to make this time special. Trust our team to get you all of the very best newborn gifts for your money – you will be so glad you did.

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