Baby Hooded Towel (Lamb)

$37.99 CAD

Ultra Soft, Plushy Towel

Rough towels can damage your baby's delicate skin follicles. That's why we made our KeaBabies Hooded Towels ultra soft and more absorbent than normal cotton towels. No wiping or harsh towel rubbing on your baby's skin after bathtime!


Since babies grow up so fast, small towels just don't fit within a few months and poorly made towels need to be replaced often. We made our Baby Hooded Towel in a bigger size (35" by 35") so that our KeaBabies Hooded Towel is able to accompany your baby from newborn up to ages 5 or 6. Cover your newborn up fully with the excess fabric and their toes will never be cold! Our Baby Towel is made with high quality stitching and premium quality thick bamboo fibre (500GSM) that is machine washable and lasts for years.


Bamboo is a natural fiber - definitely a must-have in a hooded baby towel for your precious little one!


As parents, we're constantly worried that our babies will catch a cold after bath time, and our toddlers always struggle to run off before getting completely dry. Our KeaBabies Bamboo Baby Towel absorbs water 3X faster and 2X more than normal cotton towels. This makes drying your baby easier and faster, leaving your baby dry and less prone to catching a cold.


Baby Towels are essential for all families with babies, toddlers or kids. Parents will be very happy to receive this gift as it is both useful and adorable! Packaging comes with a cute gift box as well!

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