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Baby Essentials Bundle (9-12 months)

$229.99 CAD

9 to 12 Months - Baby Essentials Bundle

Socially responsible, ethically sourced & filled with the necessities for your first year of parenthood. 

This eco-friendly baby essentials kit features TWELVE feel-good products - perfect for any new or expecting parent!

🍼 Know exactly what products are in your box - no surprises, just feel-good essentials.

What's in Your 9 to 12 Months Box? 

  • Diaper Duty, Diaper Wash Area Spray by Tiny Humans Supply Co."
    No wipes? No problem. This gentle cleansing spray enriched with aloe and tea tree oil is great for baby butt cleanup. Highly effective and soft on the skin, it keeps your baby’s butt fresh.

  • Pain in the Butt Diaper Rash Cream by Tiny Human Supply Co.
    The product that’s pediatrician approved but just keeps getting crapped on. Literally. It’s tough work, but somebody’s gotta do it.

  • Work-It-Out Massage Oil by Tiny Human Supply Co.
    For baby relaxation or bonding, massage oil is a plant-based skin-friendly oil that leaves your baby with smooth silky skin without feeling greasy.

  • Busy Body Baby Lotion by Tiny Humans Supply Co.
    Keep your little one moisturized by using this organic lightly scented lotion. No parabens or dyes. Made with lavender and chamomile oils.

  • Hot Mess Shampoo and Baby Wash by Tiny Humans Supply Co.
    We know our cute little humans get messy almost as fast as you can clean them up. This Shampoo makes cleaning up easy and is very delicate on your baby’s skin.

  • B-Day Suit™ Eczema Therapy Cream by Tiny Humans Supply Co.
    Formulated for the one-in-five babies who are born with eczema and a favourite for the entire family - this creamy, ultra-lightweight lotion packs a major punch. 

  • Take a Hike™ Outdoor Spray-Lotion
    From the backyard to the boonies, you’ll want to have this outdoor spray lotion handy anytime the great outdoors beckon!

  • Hot Tot Insulated Baby Bottle 9oz
    This insulated Baby Bottle can keep your liquids warm or cold for up to 10 hours and is the leading option for mothers worldwide who do not want to use petroleum-based plastics when feeding their babies.

  • Baby Bottle Straw Top (12 Mths+) by Pacific Baby
    Our straw top fits Pacific Baby™ bottles snugly and offers an innovative spill-proof lid. It's very easily cleaned, and replacement straw tops are available for lost pieces. This straw top attachment fits perfectly to your Hot Tot Insulated Baby Bottle 4oz received in Box 2 (3-6 months), as well as the 7oz bottle you get in this box!

  • Pacific Baby™ Straw Top, Sippy Cup Replacement Set
    Why replace a whole bottle, when all you need is the straw? This is a part of Fawn and Doe Baby Co.'s promise to reduce and reuse, and to keep as many baby products out of the landfill as possible.

  • Urban Xplorer Sunglasses by Jan & Jul
    Designed by moms with kids in mind, we use the latest technology to make these shades super comfortable for your child!

  • Aqua Dry Adventure Hat by Jan & Jul
    A hat that fits well is a safer hat for an active kid. We make the chinstrap safer by incorporating a break-away safety clip on the strap. The strap breaks apart with a harder pull; simply clip it back when you need the strap again. (winter hat provided for appropriate season) 

  • A Special Treat for Mom!

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