Thank a New Mom this Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving weekend is coming to a close. The first Thanksgiving in two years without covid restrictions.

For that we can all be thankful!

Did you ease your way back into large family gatherings? Was it uncomfortable bringing your little one into the room full of people, some you haven’t seen in a while. How have you navigated the “are you vaccinated” question? And everyone wanting to hold your baby or cuddle with your toddler!

Give yourself some empathy – you have done lots of courageous things in the past couple of years. You birthed a child despite ever-changing hospital protocols. You improvised your birth plans. You kept your family connected by facetime and social media. As good as it is to have ways to see people without risking your health, it is not the way your imagined it. You cannot replace virtual visits with the intimate moments of introducing your new baby, and day to day experiences with your extended family and friends.

You have stories to tell like no other new moms before you. Certainly, your experiences are humbling to me, as a grandmother.

We taught you to be thankful for the blessings you have received, your family, your health, your opportunities. Yet the message I want you to ponder is to thank yourself! You are raising a human being while growing your resilience to illness, change and uncertainty.

You are amazing!

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