How to Rock Patio Season This Summer While Pregnant

Have you been feeling a little bit apprehensive about patio season this year with a new little one on the way? Being pregnant + hot summer + not even being able to enjoy a nice cold cocktail = not the happiest mama, right? Yep, we definitely get it. 

At Fawn and Doe Baby Co., we’ve got your back - with some ridiculously amazing MOCKTAIL recipes for you to enjoy this summer (that are probably better than whatever everyone else is drinking, anyway!)

This DELICIOUS sparkling cucumber limeade is literal summertime in a glass. With cucumber, lime, and mint, you won’t be able to get enough of these!

Refresh yourself with this easy-peasy lemon squeezy watermelon mint lemonade! No fancy cocktail-making skills necessary here.

With only 4 ingredients, we love this refreshing “Nopaloma” recipe from The Vine NYC in this awesome mocktail recipe collection from Town and Country Mag!

There you have it - now, you’ll be rocking those deliciously fancy mocktails and having a grand old time while everyone else gets boring beer. 

We say "cheers" to THAT! (And parenthood, of course.)

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