3 Reasons Why the Newborn Essentials Gift Box is Perfect for New Moms

Are you an expecting Grandparent, Aunt, Uncle or close friend? 

It is an exciting and awe-inspiring time.  My new role as grandmother came on April 13th, 2020.  I had no idea how wonderful this would feel.  In fact, I thought I was too young to enter grandparenthood, but alas, I am, and I love it!  I could finally indulge in shopping for a wee one again.  All the cute clothes, toys and accessories for new babies and new moms, was both exciting and overwhelming.

It seemed as though there were so many “must haves” showing up on my social feeds.  When I was a new mom (30 years ago, yup a century ago) there weren’t as many products to consider.  But even back then, there were things that might have been useful, but I didn’t think I could afford, unless I was sure I absolutely needed it.  And it turned out, that I didn’t need a lot of those extra things.

My husband and I downsized a couple of years ago (empty-nesters for a few years now).  In the purging process, I found many boxes of infant clothing and toys, barely used!  I had to get rid of them, and some I simply took to the landfill.  I did not use them, and I didn’t think anyone else would use them either. 

This brings me to my next question…what happens to all that stuff people give at baby showers?!

When it came to buying a gift to bring to a baby shower, I didn’t want to bring the boring stuff, diapers, creams, undershirts, and sleepers.  While these are ESSENTIAL items of course, they would be used and valued, but it felt kind of ‘cheap’ to me.  I was facing a dilemma – one between my values of eco-consciousness and of good value, with wanting to give something special and delightful for the new family.   This dilemma of mine helped inspire us to create the Newborn Essentials Box, a gift box of 12 products that are not only essential for babies, but that are locally sourced, made sustainably and what we consider to be earth friendly!

Here are 3 reasons why you should consider selecting the Fawn and Doe Baby Co. Gift Box to serve a new mom, baby, and mother earth:

  1. These products will be used every day and are safe and comfortable for new baby.
  2. They contribute to a smaller footprint with locally sourced, sustainable products.
  3. It reduces packaging and shipping costs with a beautiful, reusable Fawn and Doe gift box!

You can still give a beautiful gift that is meaningful and valuable for the new family.  Fawn and Doe Baby Co. will ship to you or directly to the new family!

Learn more about our Newborn Essentials Box Here 


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