9 Essentials to Bring to the Beach with Baby

When it was time to take my 2-month-old to the beach, I was soo nervous!

Could I do it alone? What would I need? What if the baby hated the water?? What if I overpacked or underpacked?!?!

It all seemed so overwhelming, but I forced myself to overcome my fears because I live so close to our town's beach — I didn’t want to watch the summer go by and not get a chance to swim with the new baby. I’ve since mastered our go bags and have narrowed down the list of beach essentials for a day with a new baby. So I decided to compile this list and pass it on to all the other new moms out there asking the same questions I did.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Shelter
  • An infant bathing suit with UPF protection
  • A Baby hat
  • A swim diaper
  • Baby sunscreen
  • Towels
  • Milk
  • A diaper bag
  • A wet bag


All the recommendations out there say to keep your baby out of direct sunlight. I’m on board with this wholeheartedly..I mean who wants to listen to a baby cry over a sunburn? Not meeee! So make sure that you can provide a safe place out of the sun to hang out, this could be a beach tent or an umbrella- OR just find some shade off to the side of the beach area.


Baby bathing suit with UPF protection!

Long sleeves are key, and shorts like this one will keep them from getting too hot. What's I love about this suit is the UPF protection, hands down, but it also comes in a few different options which are suuuuper cute

Baby Hat

Make sure its got UPF protection. I love this one,  great 360-degree protection all around her head and neck, and dries at the speed of lightning!


Baby Sunglasses

Babies' eyes are super sensitive, no better way than sunglasses for that extra protection. And there’s that added bonus… cause babies look hilariously cute in sunglasses. Check these ones out! (Ad copy for Jan and Jul sunglasses) 

Swim Diaper

I’ve tried to skip this one…and trust me it did not go well. Picture holding baby on your hip while poo pools around you in the water…not cool.  

Baby Sunscreen

Although most sunscreens for babies recommend only using after 6 months of age, so until then just be extra vigilant about keeping baby out of direct sunlight. 


For both you and baby to dry yourselves. You can also use a towel to sit on or have babe take a nap/hang out on. 


Just like adults should drink plenty of fluids while outside on a hot day…same goes for baby, keep her hydrated with milk, you may need to have extra feeds through your beach day.  If you’re breastfeeding make sure you’ve got a nursing friendly bathing suit, and if you’re bottle-feeding – store milk at the recommended temperature. These insulated baby bottles are key not only at the beach, but any extended time away from home.

Diaper Bag

Stock with plenty of diapers, wipes, and at least 2 sets of dry clothes- try to pack a combination of short sleeve onesies and lightweight long-sleeve onesies (to cover from the sun). 

Wet Bag

There are fancy wet bags that you can get, but you can also just use a plastic bag to store the wet bathing suits until you get home. 

While it can definitely be challenging trying to juggle the beach with a new baby, I promise that it's really rewarding to see your little babe experience the water and sand for the first time…and after all, you’ll want her to get used to the water as soon as possible! And while you may not have a beach day full of uninterrupted reading or snoozing under the sun like the old days…you can still enjoy your beach time with a new babe if you’re prepared. Pack your bag with these beach essentials for baby, and you’ll be ready to hit the beach!

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