3 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Nursery Nightlight

There are so many nightlights on the market these days. And it's important to get the right nightlight that will work for your set up. Ask yourself these 3 questions before investing in your new nursery gadget. 

1. Is it Multi-Purpose? 

How many features do you need? As a new mom, you really don't have room for clutter. Be sure that whatever you choose to buy, it should have more than one function. For example.. Do you also need a sound machine?  

2. Safety? 

This is obvi a no brainer! Will your nightlight get hot? Will the baby be able to grab it and potentially get hurt? If baby were to get a hold of it, are there any small components that could cause a choking hazard? As your baby gets older, and will put EVERYTHING in their mouths, will you have to worry about the materials, are they toxic, food grade? etc etc. Your nightlight should be made to last, produced with safe materials such as food grade silicone, with no small pieces. 

3. Easy to use?

Picture this …it's 3am, your baby is up for their 4th feed of the night, you are suffering from sleep deprivation, you can barely put one foot in front of the other. How important is ease of use to you? I would guess.... pretty important. Make sure that your night light is easy to use, can be turned on will minimal steps, so you can get back to what matters most...sleep! NO just kidding...it's your baby. 

Check out this Owl Night Light, built in Bluetooth speaker for lullaby's or white noise which you can control right from your phone. Made from food grade silicone that NEVER gets warm. Perfectly safe for little hands and mouths. And its got a handy dandy remote to turn on and off. Cycle through different colours, and warm light for those night feedings. Recommended by moms for moms. 


Owl Night Light and Bluetoothe Speaker


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