Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

$38.99 CAD

Your Must-Have Hairbrush and Comb Set!

Having a new baby sparks the greatest joy and love you'll ever experience. We know that you want to give your baby only the best treatment! With this luxurious hairbrush set, your baby will enjoy the most comfortable daily hair grooming. Those precious bonding and loving moments will be that much easier with these three brushes made with all-natural, sustainable materials.

How to Use:

  • Wash with shampoo and air dry.
  • Use goat bristles to brush scalp, followed by bamboo bristles to gently massage baby's scalp.


  1. Massage Bamboo Bristle Hairbrush featuring air hole for flexibility when brushing
  2. Wooden Pear Comb
  3. 100% Natural Goat Bristle Hairbrush

We use premium grade goat bristles that are soft and non-invasive for your newborn's delicate scalp. These help in even oil distribution to prevent cradle cap and promote healthy hair growth, as well as reducing balding spots on your baby's head.

All our products are thoughtfully designed and handmade with love. Our hairbrush and comb set is made with all natural materials. Perfectly sized for adult's grip and comes with a string loop for hanging on wall hooks.

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